Photo / Studio Assistants

Bookings via Werk3 Studio or direct request.

Werk3 Studiovermietung GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)89 – 215 48 901
Mail: info@werk3studio.de
Web: www.werk3studio.de


In case of any general requests or informations you can always ask one of our staff members for help.

For a full day studio support explicit for your production you can book one of our studio assistants.


Day rates (til 10 hours)

Florian Emslander

Studio Assistant

Kuba Kiermowicz

Photo Assistant


Phone: 0176 / 84306998

Milan Bettermann

Photo Assistant


Phone: 0173 / 5813563

Patrick Platzdasch

Photo Assistant


Phone: 0151 / 23035957

Sinan Kollmar

Photo Assistant
Studio Assistant


Phone: 0152 / 04617964

Mail: sinan.kollmar@aol.com

Kevin Patermann

Digital Operator

Photo Assistant


Phone: 0152 / 32004837

Mail: kevin.patermann@web.de